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How we started

Thrive Vision was born in May 2018, founded by Daniel and Maureen Rojas. After serving God for 16 years as directors for Latin America with another organization, God began to put a weight on our hearts in which we wanted to be more efficient and intentional in the work we wanted to develop.

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For me, the concept of missionary was a bit different, a lot of people likes to think that the fact of working with a missions organizations in a different country to where you were born makes you a missionary, I believe that the great commission was given to all Christians and if you have been washed with the blood of Christ and accepted Him as your Savior so you have a mission and that is the fact that makes you a missionary! When I received Christ as my Savior and gave Him my life, He called me to stop hurting people but to help them now. So, once in Costa Rica I started serving God as a Martial Art Teacher, then we meet an organization that their focus was mission’s trips and through that we learned a lot about churches, people and the reality of our new generation. We started to train Pastors and church leaders, also we planted some churches in different countries, some of this churches we started in partnership with churches from USA, also we got involve with policeman, firefighters, doctors and medical personnel, orphanages, schools, sports ministry and more, we saw that God was calling us to get more involved in helping people to grow spiritually but also emotionally, academically and professionally and what we love the most, to share the Gospel through all of it. 

We called our ministry Thrive Vision; we want people to thrive no matter if they are professional or not, we believe people needs to thrive.  I heard people saying “the world is what it is, what are you going to do” I refuse to think that way!!! I believe that as Christians we also need to thrive and be more intentional in the way we do missions, because remember, if you have been saved so you are a missionary with a mission.


In 2019, the Lord allowed for us to be very close to a case of child trafficking. A set of little 6 year old twin girls that we knew and had worked with for a long time were sold for organ trafficking. Praise God, in coordination with the police, we were able to rescue them! However, this event opened my eyes to the reality of child trafficking. I wanted to learn more about this, so I received a lot of information from the chief of the police and it was unbelievably disturbing. I found out that the top 3 crime industries in Costa Rica were drug trafficking, money laundering, and sex & organ trafficking.


It is for this reason that we decided to take a step of obedience to our God regarding fighting against child abuse and trafficking. The children we are rescuing are being trafficked for sexual exploitation and organ trafficking. It means, for sexual exploitation, that adults pay around $5,000 to have sexual encounters with children around 9 years old, and organ trafficking involves people selling children’s organs for cannibalism and more. We have created a 3-step program that, in coordination with the police and other entities, we are using to fight against child trafficking.

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