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Meeting real needs

Because we understand the financial sacrifice you have to make to be on a mission trip, we look for places with real need. We look for areas where God can use you to change people’s lives, starting with your own. We want you to have a life changing adventure, with real people in need.

Life changing experience

We want you to understand the reason God has you on the mission trip. Why are you here? What does God want you to learn while you serve him? The mission trip is for far more than just performing a service for someone else, it is a way that God can speak to and challenge you in your life as well!

Mission opportunities

Our mission trips are very strategically planned. The goal is to be intentional in every activity, while always being flexible for last minutes changes but never losing focus on the main goal!


So whether you are a church group seeking foreign ministry experience, a sports organization seeking to impact athletes for Christ, or a medical group wanting to meet both physical and spiritual needs, there are ways to get involved with Thrive Vision!

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