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Rwandan Children
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Rwandan Children
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Rwandan Children

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Rwandan Children
Fighting Child Trafficking

This is a topic that we've heard about, but in many cases, we don't stop to see how close that reality is in our church and community. 

Children Praying
Silhouette of Cross Against Sky
Children's Home
Church Ministry

 We decided to open a children’s home that serves as a refuge for minors that are rescued from child traffic, and to give them the opportunity to know God, his love, restoration, and hope.

We know that the gospel message never changes, but the methods we have used to present the gospel over the years have changed. Different generations demand a different way to approach them.

Community Garden
Community Involvment

We like to create strategic opportunities in each different social group of a community in order to present the gospel in an intentional way.

Prayer Group
Mission Trips

The goal is to be intentional in every activity, while being flexible for last minutes changes but never losing focus on the main goal! So whether you are a church group seeking foreign ministry, a sports organization seeking to impact athletes for Christ, or a medical group wanting to meet both physical and spiritual needs, there are ways to get involved with Thrive Vision!

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